The Cactus Pears, a self-described post-alternative neo-quirkpop (patent pending) sextet from Athens, Ohio, formed in 1993 when Tony Xenos found other scraggly dudes to make noise. The latest CP incarnation formed in 2007. The comparisons to Menudo are not unfounded, as the band has gone through over 15 members in that time, with people leaving over heated e-mail exchanges or when they turned 13, whichever came first. The band plays regularly in Ohio and has dipped its collective toes into Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Michigan and Kentucky waters on occasion.

The band (see individual bio pages below for trivia and pics suitable for framing) is not-so hard at work on their magnum opus, "B+," which should be in stores before Christ walks the Earth again. In the meantime, keep visiting for the shallow promise of updates and exclusive material.

Pear People

Tony Xenos
Acoustic Guit, Vox

Dan Dreifort
Electric Guit, Vox

Bryan Gibson

Rob Powell
Guitar, Vox, Piano, etc.

Geoff Osterland

Ashley Ford

Past Pears
Craig Butz (1993-1995) (1999-2000)
Mandolin, Vox
Wayne Hazelwood (1993-1995)
Dave Liznia (1993-1995)
Brent Cook (1995)
Matt Box (2000-2002)
Mandolin, Vox
Alex Treece (1998-2000)
Bass, Vox
Gabe Ciani (1998-1999)
Jeff Shilt (2001--2002)
Edgar (2000)
Y2K SpokesPear
Jack Sowers (2001-2003)
Bass, Vox
Deb Dreifort (2000-2003)
Junebug (2002)



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