Falling Up

Just like this it missed, skipped over my head
Missed a beat then lost in one breath
I'll survive
That was quick if I could just get that one-in-a-million
Shakes not cold did you catch that tremble?
Throw me someplace else
I'm crawling up
I haven't seen enough

You can't stick me here I'm Falling Up
That road back home should get us lost
You stopped me and I forgot you we're the greatest
A word highly underestimated
Like me

If you just can't stay put
You claw at the grass and well that's no good
10 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 5 o'clock
Let's go!
I knew you'd wear 'em even though nobody could see 'em
I was paying so close attention
We we're almost killed
I can't wait to hold your hand in space


What d'you think we should do now?
With all this happening it seems so hard
I'll survive
I was looking and I found that one-in-a-million
Standing close and breathing into me
I'm not spiraling down
I'm crawling up
I haven't seen enough


Who catches who Falling Up?
What will we do now that it's boss?
You stopped me there and waited
you could never be undersestimated
Like me