The Radio Station

The predecessor to an out of control situation
We took over the Radio Station
I knew what I saw but I couldn't get involved
I was wrong

Millennia hype we all weathered the storm
It was 3 years later we were well in the norm
Our ignorance had plotted a secret revenge
To reveal an awesome ulterior plan
We were bathing in excess and much to our surprise
Feeding the monster of our future demise

(How can I be when I try)

The problem was clear it was in front of our face
Get up in the morning and join the rat race
Clawing and stabbing our way to the top
Coming up short and just writing it off
What do we have left at the end of our years
Full empty pockets and dry contrived tears

(How can I be when I try)

Get on the path to utopian bliss
Without opening your eyes it's a life you could miss
Back off the insignificant parental expectations
Subscribe to the mantra and earthbound relations

The result of the impending situation
We relinquished the radio station
I knew what I saw but now the endgame was solved

How can I be when I try?!