Pears Part Cinco -The fickle Cactus Pears ceased calling it quits in November of 2007. How long were they apart this time? Over three years. You've blinked and missed the five shows they played before CP v5.0 kicked the bucket in November 2008. Some have said this was the last, last, last CP run. Lots of ink available on our FaceBook page.

Pears on CD Compilation - Two tracks finished April 8th 2005 at Noisy Boy Studio. Colliding with Supergirl and Frustrated released here.

Pears in the News - Check out a mostly accurate Pear article from Oct 28, 2004. Fresh new Pear image included. Wow.

Thanks for your support, see you in the bars!

More Pears in the News - "Tasty cactus pears keep fans a-prickle"

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