Dan Dreifort

dan dreifortBorn on a little-known planet circling a star slightly to the left of our star Sol, CactusPears guitarist/singer Dan Dreifort now resides in the sunny canyons of San Diego, CA.. Events leading up to this serendipitous domicilification are hazy.

His first band, Your Mother and Her Howling Commandos formed in 1986 back when Dan was in 7th grade and groupies with braces were par for the course. A few of his other bands might be listed on our networking page.

Dan's first stint with the Pears (in 1995 on bass) was initiated when the rock gods that be saw fit to send then Pears cellist Wayne Hazelwood to Africa and ended similarly when then Pear drummer Scott Travis left to rejoin his old band Judas Priest.

dan and groupie
Dan Dreifort and random groupie caught cavorting in hotel tub after Pears gig

Dan Dreifort's second tour of duty, playing lead guit with the CP ended on 01-01-00 when he holed away in a Y2K bunker with plans to open a New World Order bead/candle store in the "aftermath." Alas, something went awry. In 2001 he rejoined the Pears.

Dan Dreifort's other interests include nude skydiving, visiting Hawaii, boobs, indelible beancurd, eating rainbows, and occasionally updating his blog - dandreifort.com.

Email him via ...or else.



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