When Deb was in the sixth grade she got her hair straightened. The next day she fell down a flight of stairs and injured her back. The doctor suggested that she soak in a hot tub to ease the pain and relax her back. When she got out of the bath she found her own body chemistry had thoroughly over-ridden whatever the hairdresser had done and her hair was curly again. She hasn't found any gray hairs yet. She has a couple of degrees from Ohio University, has spent four years manically swinging between elation and aggravation while working at a worker-owned restaurant, and is dissappointed that the X-Files got so lame this last season. Her goals include learning to juggle fire by the turn of the century and... Well, that's a good goal. If you have an extra ticket to see Cirque de Solei she might buy it from you or accept it as a gift.



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